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Hi, I’m Carmel-Anne and utmost, thank you for visiting Soulfully Tarot website.  

Soulfully Tarot was established with the goal of helping people gain great insight into their lives and to provide people with guidance, clarity, compassion and understanding.  I like you to feel you are in a comfortable and safe environment where you will not be judged.  We are inclusive of people from all walks of life whos intentions are genuine.  At Soulfully Tarot, I come from the light with my highest good.  I offer Tarot readings with Oracle cards to really delve into the themes and messages that appear in your reading. 


As a child, I was born gifted but feared my gifts.  I did not understand them, nor did I consider what was secretly happening to and around me a gift.  I was petrified to talk to someone about what I was experiencing and it caused me to be shy, scared, introverted and made me think I was strange to the point I avoided making friends.  So somehow (to my dismay today), I blocked my gifts from my life until I became more curious in my adult years and that's when my spiritual journey unfolded.  I admit, I am no longer that scared and shy child and am very much my comfortable balance of what I call me.  Moreover, my intuition and gifts are now a continuously evolving journey but I specialise in Tarot and Oracle Readings. 

I like to touch the hearts of those that seek my services and reach the essence of people’s questions with great detail.  I provide in-depth readings through zoom and I love creating custom spreads for people I read for that is specifically based around their questions and life.  In my tarot readings I thrive on getting to the heart of your query, breaking down questions into single components, and digging deep within to help reveal your situation to you and to provide you with the ultimate awareness of your circumstances. I strive to provide you the greatest value and insight for your time and money and take a journey with you on how to live your best and fullest life. As a reader, I like to combine my intuitive style and interpretation with the traditional understanding of Tarot and Tarot card meanings (this is where the magic in your reading comes to life).


I like people to feel uplifted, inspired, more aware of their situation, and to find their inner strength, courage, and self-confidence when I read for them.  I provide heartfelt and uplifting readings and always strive to make you feel good about yourself and empower, enlighten, and inspire you.  I like to give people hope, honesty, and awareness.  I am gentle and nurturing but always honest when I convey difficult messages and always look for the light at the end of the tunnel. ​I love to help and guide each and every client to tackle whatever comes their way.  I focus on a healthy relationship between Tarot and ourselves, where the power is given back to the people, not left behind in your reading, I also invite people to trust in themselves and their intuition (gut instincts). 

Client Testimonials


Carmel-Anne puts lots of thought into the reading.  I think she is really trustworthy.  She gives great guidance with the information she has from the cards.



Carmel-Anne appeared to have very good insight with the very limited information I gave her.  She genuinely has the "touch".  The reading was spot on.  She took the reading seriously and put a lot of heart into it.




I loved how Carmel-Anne generously handcrafted such a large and thoughtful spread.  I could tell she really cared about my question and well-being.  I enjoyed listening to her follow her intuition and tune into her heart space while reading the cards.  I also like that she used both oracle and tarot cards in the reading.  It seemed to tie everything together.  The level of care, concern, and effort that went into the reading was most valued and evident.  Carmel-Anne has a truly compassionate spirit, this really showed.  The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me, and provided a lot of value.




I swear, this girl could see into my soul.  Carmel-Anne's reading was in-depth and very insightful, I have totally taken her advice on board and understood what she was advising.  I appreciated her honesty.  I would absolutely recommend Carmel-Anne to others looking for a reading.


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