Code of Ethics 

Our aim and commitment is to empower and inspire you and to provide you with useful and deep insight into your questions so that you can walk away from our readings feeling good about yourself.  We will always treat you ethically, with an open heart and respectfully.  We will not judge you and we will always maintain your confidentiality (unless you state an intention to hurt yourself, cause danger or malicious physical harm to yourself or another person, or, if you state you have or you will commit an illegal crime).


We will not read for anyone under the age of 18.  Also, we will not read about someone who is not present in the reading (third party readings) unless it directly affects you and in this case, we will delve into the question from your perspective and how it affects you, not from the other person's viewpoint.

We will not answer questions based on will you win from any form of gambling, no questions regarding death will be answered and we will not give you financial, legal, or medical advice or diagnoses.  Any of these matters covered and discussed will be done on a spiritual level.  

In regards to reading the future, although we are able to, we choose not to focus our readings solely on predicting the future.  At Soulfully Tarot, we believe everyone has free will and that our future is not set in stone.  Instead we want to help you manifest the best future for yourself rather than limit you to only one potential outcome.  We believe people are able to change and improve the course of their future through the actions and choices they make today.  We will help you see and understand these choices and how to create new paths and possibilities for yourself. 


We do not focus on providing specific timing in our readings so we are not comfortable answering questions such as when will I meet my husband/wife, soul-mate, etc. but are happy to look into what can I do to meet my future partner/spouse/soulmate or how will I know when I meet my soul mate and similar questions.  We also don’t like to answer infidelity questions.

We will give you the knowledge and insight of your past and your present in order for you to have deep and meaningful information about your life.  These are tailored around you and your experiences and will help you to feel more confident to make your own best choices, to reach your highest good and to create and choose the best path for you today and in the future.  As readers, we can only guide you, it’s really up to you if you want to take on our advice, put in the work and apply it, you are not obligated to do anything we suggest but we come from a place of love, wanting the best for you and our intentions are pure.


When you have a reading with Soulfully Tarot, we personally strive to enlighten you and to promote you to feel good about yourself and who you are.  We like to inspire and empower people.  We are highly ethical readers and will not fabricate or sugar coat the truth. We will discuss sensitive and difficult topics and aspects of your reading in a caring and kind nature.  It is also against our personal ethics to tell you what you want to hear, we are messengers that will honestly and kindly tell you the intuitive messages that appear in the cards and in your psychic/mediumship reading.  So please, if you are not ready to hear a message, do not ask the question, there will be another more suitable time for you so no need to push or rush yourself, we will be here when you are ready to hear the information you seek.  


Once again, we will always treat you with respect and kindness.  Soulfully Tarot is a place of love and light and not of judgment.  We want you to feel comfortable and feel that you are able to be yourself without limitations and ask questions without hesitation.