Client Reviews

 The reading was very complete with tarot cards and oracle cards, and Carmel answered the original question and clarifying questions. Carmel-Anne gave very thorough interpretations of the cards drawn and focused on answering the question and giving me insight with in-depth answers to my questions.  The reading included topics such as action to take and advice and the possible outcome so went a long way to help me move forward and take the appropriate action to achieve my goal. The oracle angel cards also gave advice. Carmel gave good explanations on every card or group of cards according to their position for me to understand the reading and what to do in the future. I loved this reading, it was fun and I really enjoyed it.  It is also really nice that Carmel used different tarot decks and oracle and angel cards to add value to the reading. This doesn't only make it fun but adds depth to the reading as she was looking at giving as much insight and advice as possible. I also appreciate how Carmel was available to answer the question I had about the reading and was so quick to reply. It is the most enjoyable reading I have ever received. Thank you.  This was perfect. Carmel-Anne thank you so much.


I really felt that all the cards were true about myself and about the situation.  I appreciated the fact that Carmel-Anne didn't want to tell people what they should do.  But rather guide them to opportunities and possibilities.  She was straight forward and not beat around the bush. She's a great tarot reader, I was all ears and she gives good advice. Carmel-Anne is nice and kind.  Very professional as well.  Showing me the cards and explaining them to me thoroughly, I was moved by her effort. Thank you for your professionalism. I love every minute of the reading.


WOW!! I mean I am just in awe at the moment.
Angelina was just the person I needed to speak to.
She had all the information from my Angel and spirits that I have been desperate to hear and she gave them all without one bit of prior information.
You are a true pure soul and blessing! This is the 1st of many times we talk.
I am not an easy read. I've been told those exact words by other readers.
Angelina had my full biography! Thank you for the words from my mom.
You helped in such a monumental way!



I had a reading today, and it was so spot on! There’s no way Angelina Joe could have just guessed some things, she has a pure gift. I’m definitely going to be getting more and recommend her to everyone!


Over the top amazing especially those that are in heaven! She was right on and I think the world of Angelina Joe as she is beautiful, kind, and generous!!!